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We supply, deliver and install compactus storage systems to Wollongong, Illawarra, South Coast, Sutherland, Southern Highlands and Canberra.

Compactus file storage system
Compactus file storage system

Storage Solutions to Increase Your Storage Capacity

Compact storage systems
Compact storage systems

Compact storage systems can double your storage capacity.

Installation of efficient space saving compactus units or mobile storage systems can substantially reduce the amount of room required for human access.

Conventional static shelf storage wastes valuable space to allow personell to gain access to the stored items.

With mobile shelving most of the space required for human access can be eliminated.

Compactus units (sometimes referred to as Compactors or Compactor units) can be used for commercial and industrial storage.

For example, they may be used for sorage of books, spare parts, media and bulky awkward objects.

We supply and install new and used Compactus units from 4 bay and upwards.

We can provide you with helpful advice on how you may be able to save on space and/or increase your storage capacity with various storage solutions.

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Contact us for your Compactus storage system requirements on (02) 4261 3055.

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