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A Sit Stand Desk: the healthy choice for your modern Wollongong office.

As the responsible owner or manager of a Wollongong or Illawarra business, you need to provide your office employees with a healthy work environment. But office work usually involves many hours of sitting—as much as 6.5 hours in a typical day. Many studies have shown the negative impact of spending so much time sedentary (or “sitting still”).

Fortunately, Australias 1st Choice Office Furniture offers the perfect solution to this problem: the sit stand desk. These innovative workstations are electric standing desks which convert from sitting to standing with the press of a button or, if you prefer, we can provide manually operated models. These desks allow the user to shift between sitting and standing positions as needed, throughout the work day. By changing their posture without disrupting their work flow, employees can avoid the long seated periods that increase their risk of obesity, heart conditions, back issues, and other chronic health concerns.

Sit Stand Desk - Vertilift 3-Leg VN3B
Vertilift VN3B 3-Leg sit/stand desk

Our range of electric sit stand desks includes Australian-owned Vertilift two-leg (straight) and three-leg (corner) models and accessories, as well as the Boost Furnix sit stand range. Whatever your Wollongong office needs, you’re sure to find your ideal sit and stand desk.

Sit Stand Desks vs Standing Desks

We all know the health concerns associated with sedentary office work. A standing desk seems to be the obvious solution, as it removes the need to sit at the workstation entirely. However, just as it’s not healthy to spend all your time sitting, spending your whole day standing up is also a bad idea. Even with an adjustable standing desk, you may still be forcing your workers into unhealthy habits.

As with most human habits, variety and moderation are the key. With a sit stand desk, a worker never needs to sit or stand for too long, making it the best choice for a healthy workplace. A sit stand desk also accounts for individual needs, allowing more or less frequent changes for workers with different tolerances.

Sit Stand Desk - Vertilift 2-Leg
Vertilift 2-Leg sit/stand desk

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