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We repair and provide spare parts for office chairs our competitors sell!

Breakage is generally due to sub-standard quality

In Australia, better office chairs are generally AFRDI certified. AFRDI certification covers factors like strength, durability, stability, flammability and safety.

Unfortunately a large number of office chairs that don’t meet AFRDI standards are sold every day in the Wollongong area. They may look great when they’re new but sooner or later something in them is likely to fail.


Often one or more of the casters (wheels) just drop off or collapse because they are not made of quality materials, are badly manufactured or are of a sub-standard design.

We can repair your chair by replacing the casters for you or can provide you with the correct replacement casters.

Star or Spider Bases

Sometimes the star or spider base will break or become worn making your chair completely useless while the rest of the chair is in perfect condition. You may have found that when you approach a company selling chairs they may not meeting AFRDI standards.

Our company supplies good quality replacement bases. AFRDI bases can be supplied but may take longer.

Examples of broken spider bases
Left: Base too weak for person’s weight. Centre: Breakage due to poor quality alloy. Right: Unsuccessful home repairs using screws.

Gas Struts

Another thing that we often find ourselves helping people with is broken gas struts. We keep a supply of replacement gas struts for repair of office chairs.


Sorry one thing we don’t repair is upholstery. Please see: upholsterer Wollongong for a Google search of people who may be able to help you.

Why we repair office chairs

We repair office chairs because we want customers to know that we provide a better service than our competition. Simply, it is great advertising for us! When someone comes here wanting to fix their broken office chair we know they will have bought a sub-standard product from a competitor of ours and that this competitor doesn’t want to replace or repair it. Obviously they will be disappointed with the competitor.

When they come to Australias 1st Choice Office Furniture, they’ll experience our superior customer care. They will also have the opportunity to appreciate the superior quality and value of the items we sell relative to the chairs sold by the competitor. After their experience in dealing with us, we can be confident that the next time they are in the market to buy office furniture they will come to us.

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