Computer Monitor Stands – Monitor Arms – single, dual, triple – Australia wide delivery

We supply and deliver monitor stand and monitor arm accessories Australia wide.

For Ergonomics

Your computer monitor needs to be positioned for good ergonomics. With your chair and desk set up in accordance with recognised ergonomic guidelines, a well-made monitor stand or monitor arm will allow you to position your computer monitor appropriately. You need the top of your computer monitor to be approximately level with your eyes so that you do not need to lean forwards or tilt your head backwards in order to view the contents of the screen.

Monitor arms LA6A Series (clamp type) and LA6B Series (grommet type)
Monitor arms LA6A Series (clamp type) and LA6B Series (grommet type)

Most LCD monitors come with an inbuilt stand. However, most built-in stands offer limited or no height adjustment, which is not ideal for most users. You could be lucky in that the height of your monitor is perfect for you but there is a high chance that it won’t be, therefore, it makes good sense to mount your monitor on a good quality, adjustable monitor stand.

Dual Monitor Stands

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to work with two computer monitors at the same time.

We can supply various dual monitor stands to suit your requirements.

Multi monitors type wall mount arm

Wall Mounts

A convenient way to mount an LCD monitor is to attach it to a wall using a wall mount monitor holder.

Track Systems as Multiple Monitor Stands

In some situations you may find you need to mount many monitors in a small amount of space. The track system allows for exactly this.

Sagitta Monitor Arms

The Sagitta range of monitor arms allows for single, dual, and triple monitors to be mounted on your desk. It can even allow you to have as many as six LCD monitors arranged for your convenience.

Sagitta monitor stands

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